@ Pinecrest Gardens

"South Florida's First Art Immersion Hub"

“The purpose of ART is washing the dust of daily life off our souls”

Pablo Picasso

The Place

Surrounded by beautiful tropical and exotic gardens, the historic Cypress Hall at Pinecrest Gardens is HARTVEST PROJECT’ s main home. A 4,600 Sq/Ft space with glass doors that open to the gardens, a main lounge, coffee counter, workshop area, a catering kitchen, flexible work spaces and exhibition areas. The interior design of the space, done by Carola Bravo, features a 1,000 sq/ft terrazo Public Art Piece entitled: “Deep Roots Map”, also created by the artist and inspired by the Park’s historic tree roots, which is part of Pinecrest Garden’s permanent art collection.

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HARTvest Coffee

HARTVEST Coffee is a “gourmet and artisan educational platform” based on the trending “third wave coffee movement” dedicated to consider coffee and other selected products as “artisanal foodstuff” and promote the highest form of culinary appreciation. It will feature a wide selection of Premium Colombian coffee and food products to taste, eat and learn from!
In a delightful seating area, visitors will have the opportunity
to experience the unique flavors and aromas of 100% Colombian coffee, including an appealing portfolio of single origin coffees, taste creative treats and desserts and learn from Baristas, Gourmet Artisans and Farmers, who will be visiting and talking about their products and production process with pride and passion! Our brand is the only internationally recognized coffee brand that belongs to the coffee growers!

Open 7 days a week / 8.30am-5pm / extended hours on special event nights. Closed during private events.

why we do it

ART should live in our homes and be part of our daily life.
Art collecting is creating patrimony and art collectors become part of

the cultural history of their time!

Our Story

HARTVEST PROJECT, an art venture dedicated to “planting art seeds” and offering the experience of enjoying art.

Our Programs

Our programs are “ART Immersive Experiences”
that deliver knowledge and so educate!

who can apply

There is an invitational process by an advisory board.

Pinecrest Gardens, the Vllage of Pinecrest and HARTVEST PROJECT, made an interesting alliance with the mission of offering art education and connections to the community. HARTVEST PROJECT found two important allies whose wide vision and clear understanding of the potential and positive impact this project could bring to the community, have made this alliance possible: Alana Golembo-Perez (Pinecrest Gardens Director) and Yocelyn Galiano (Village Manager), who loved and supported the project since the first day they saw it.

At the end of 2016 began the interior remodeling of the space and by January 2018, Cypress Hall in Pinecrest Gardens becomes our main home and the perfect place to “keep planting art seeds”.