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contemporary "art immersive educational experiences" designed to connect you with the art world like nothing else can.

About Us

Our Project

hARTvest project is Miami's first "art immersive" venture, dedicated to stimulate, nurture, foster and promote public interest in the arts via creative and innovative educational strategies that shake up the status quo.


We believe in art as a high expression of the human spirit.  We are convinced that the appreciation of the world through the arts allow us to deepen our understanding of the lives of others, change our trivial view of only utilitarian aspects of our environment for a more humane attitude, extend our capacity to comprehend the human spirit and the essence of things and have the ability to plant positive values in citizenship.  We believe that appreciating art makes you better!

We offer "art immersive experiences" with creative and compelling content...we are galleries's back stage!.

We not only sell art, we sell the experience of “enjoying art”.

 We are opening new creative channels and points of contact between the art world and the general public.  Through our creative educational programs hARTvest project enables and empowers you to appreciate, enjoy, love and collect art. 

We believe that to be an art collector is a great responsibility. You have to be passionate about art and combine knowledge with an instinctive feeling. It is more than just buying art. Collecting art is creating patrimony.  Consider the legacy you may leave for your children and their children. An art collector becomes part of the cultural history of his time!.

“The purpose of Art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”

-Pablo Picasso

Our Founder

Carola Bravo

hARTvest project was founded in 2014 by artist Carola Bravo.  Carola holds a PhD in Architecture and a Master in Art History. Her art work has been exhibited at major museums, institutions and art galleries around the world. She is a Titular Professor with more than 20 years of academic experience at the Design, Architecture and Art Department at Simón Bolívar University in Venezuela, where she was Head of the Art Section and Chair of the Architecture School. Bravo has been the recipient of numerous awards both in Venezuela and abroad; and is well known for her immersive site-specific installations, video-installations, urban interventions and intimate studio artworks that address space, changing territories and their geometry.

Our Location

Casa Ballerina

Most of the events organized by hARTvest project take place in CASA BALLERINA.  Carola’s home and studio becomes a space for private gatherings, meetings ad reunions.  Between an impressive collection of art by important Latin American artists and an eclectic arrangement of furnishings, books and accessories, guest-artists talk about their work and art experts give lectures and conferences guiding participants through a one-of a-kind “journey of art”.  Located in Pinecrest, this home was designed in 1952 by nationally recognized Miami architect Robert Fitch-Smith who was greatly influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright. Fitch-Smith is considered one of the MIMO architects.  He was the first Dean of Architecture at the University of Miami, as well as Director of the famous INTERAMA project. CASA BALLERINA was selected by THE VILLAGERS, the oldest non-profit historic preservation organisation in Miami-Dade County, for preserving the spirit of the 50s while maintaining the original architect’s design; and it has been also a filming set for one of Nickelodeon’s famous TV programs.  

Our Allies

Besides our guest artists and historians, a very interesting group of experts from independent organizations and companies provide crucial help as allies in this art venture.  Their participation, advice and contributions are key to the success of this project.




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12500 SW 62nd Ave

Miami FL, 33156


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Carola Bravo's website

Carola Bravo's Facebook Page






Guide and Maps - Miami, USA

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Designalter Foundation

Architect Miguel Cifuentes - Cartagena, Colombia

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Fundación Dibujo de Ciudad

Architect Miguel Acosta - Caracas, Venezuela

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Aluna art foundation

Adriana Herrera, PhD & Willy Castellanos - Caracas, Venezuela

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Churromania Corporation

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Cesar Prato

Business and Marketing Advisor

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Wine Expert






Los cafés de mi pueblo - Coffee Catering



Our programs will blow your senses, mind and spirit away!



Gatherings for a multi-sensory appreciation and examination of art paired with a sampling of food and drink. It’s art education for all senses!


Indulge in a unique culinary and art appreciation experience! Participants will listen to an expert’s overview of a famous artist followed by a delicious meal presented by a renowned chef whose inspiration is the artist and his or her works



Morning gatherings to share breakfast treats while art experts guide you through a one of a kind "taste of art" experience!


A pact between art, architecture and city! Academic workshops for students and professionals


CrazyART Lab

This “crazy” series is an art incubator and creative art workshop for children and adults, conducted by professional artists and designed to inspire participants while exploring a variety of plastic and graphic art techniques


Interesting visits to important private art collections and artist’s studios.



We will be “planting” art pieces in private homes! Enjoy an interesting art collection in your home for a short period of time…or forever!


Professional Development workshops and events designed for creative entrepreneur



Guided art-trips to very special and unique destinations around the world!






Designed for ladies…and inspired by the British High Tea experience. Afternoon gatherings to discuss and learn about interesting works of art while sharing the "high-tea" tradition with art experts who will guide you through this unique blend of old world customs juxtaposed against the wonderful world of contemporary art

hARTvest Food Lab

Is the first “food lab” in Miami that specializes in art and culinary educational oriented projects to create and enhance multisensory experiences. Guided by Artists and Chefs, among hARTvest Food Lab’s various activities you can find edible art products, eating installations, special food tasting, multisensory culinary experiences, food concepts, and much more!



Experience a taste of a famous artist’s culture through a culinary experience and conclude the evening with a showing of a film featuring Hollywood’s interpretation of the artist’s life

hARTvest Work Lab

A shared and flexible co-working space, with mentoring and coaching, where creative entrepreneurs can work, create and develop their special projects, social causes and business!


hARTvest Coffee

A gourmet and artisan educational platform based on the trending third wave coffee movement, dedicated to consider coffee and other selected products as "artisanal foodstuff" and promote the highest form of culinary appreciation. It will feature a wide selection of the best and most creative gourmet and local farmers coffee and food products to taste, eat and learn from!

hARTvest Collectables

An art and design educational platform that will feature temporary exhibitions of a carefully curated selection of cutting-edge art and design objects and exclusive artisans items with "traceability". Every piece will show "their journey back from consumption to production" adding the educational factor to the experience!



We fulfill distinct event needs, inspired by art, with excitement and creativity! You name the celebration and we will design a very special "art experience" where are experts will guide you and your guests through a one-of- a-kind journey of art!

hARTvest TACC (Teens Art Collectors Club)

The first Art Collectors Club aimed at Teenagers with the mission of "planting art seeds" at an early age. The club will host a series of educational and entertaining programs carefully designed to awaken and promote Teens' interest in the fascinating world of contemporary art. Good habits start early!

Guest artists and art experts will guide you through a one of a kind “JOurney of Art” 


Featured Artists

Amalia caputo


sigfredo chacón


mariana monteagudo


Leslie Gabaldón


Aurora molina


Yomarie Silva-O'Neal


Roberto Fonfría

marina font


Carola bravo


carrie sieh


Othon Castañeda


Gonzalo fuenmayor


gustavo acosta


Marina Gonella

andrés michelena


milton becerra


tony vázquez


Kiki Valdés


Lucinda linderman


Daniela Padrón


Ramón Espantaleón

Art Historians

Armando droulers


Adriana herrera